Lipani Designs is a small family owned business
established to bring unique and affordable projects to
our clients.  
Todd Lipani has been helping thousands of people
design and install projects for  their homes for over

Growing up on a family owned nursery Todd sowed his
roots to the earth while studying engineering at the
U.S. Naval Academy which gave him a strong
background in construction and mechanics.

Shortly after fulfilling his duties with the U.S. Navy
and serving in the Gulf War,  Todd decided to get back
into what he knew and loved - helping people make
their homes beautiful.

For the last 15 plus years Todd has worked for two
highly respected residential and commercial
installation companies as their lead designer and sales

Todd currently lives in Richmond, Texas with his wife
and two children, 3 dogs and 1 cats.  
About Us
Pray for our Daughter:

Taylor has been hampered for 1/2 her
life with various ailments.  She has
spent the 14 of her 22 years in and out
of hospitals and is currently under the
care  of the Herman Memorial Health
care system.  Prayers for her are
always welcome!
Pray for our Son:

Samuel has shown signs of autism
since he was about two.  Whether he
was born with his traits or developed
it we will never really know.  But he
too can use all of God's blessings.

School and adolescence has been hard
on Samuel, and life will only get more
difficult as he takes on life's challenges.
He did make it though high school and
is now experiencing lifes' challenges as
a young adult.
he is currently attending the Vast
Academy at the HCC campus
downtown and doing quite well.
Last But Not Least!
Pray for my Wife
Enough said above.  Even Saints can
go crazy!
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Lipani Designs
My sons' faithfull
My daughters'
My wifes'
Community Garden

Todd Lipani is active in gardening for the
community through his church in Rosenberg,
Texas.  He and others at the Church of Living
Waters have established a community garden on
their property 3 years ago to help promote
healthy living and God's wonders to the
parishioners and school children.  They donate
all their food to the those in need at their
Sunday services.